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  • The front page of からはーい

    First 2014 Issue of the U.S. Consulate's Newsletter

    Mar. 6 - Please read the new issue of the U.S. Consulate’s newsletter, からはーい [PDF 1.26 MB].

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  • Osaka to Host International Jazz Day 2014

    Osaka to Host International Jazz Day 2014

    March 5 - The U.S. welcomes the selection of Osaka as the host city for International Jazz Day 2014 on April 30. The events will include educational programs and performances at the Osaka School of Music and the All-Star Global Concert in Osaka Castle Park.

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  • Ambassador Kennedy at Tanegashima Space Center

    Ambassador Kennedy at Tanegashima Space Center

    Feb. 27 - Ambassador Caroline Kennedy toured the Tanegashima Space Center with JAXA President Naoki Okumura, right. The Ambassador will witness the launch of a Japanese H-IIA rocket carrying the NASA-JAXA Global Precipitation Measurement satellite. (NASA Photo/Bill Ingalls)

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  • Ambassador Kennedy meets Okinawa Governor Nakaima

    Ambassador Kennedy Visits Okinawa

    Feb. 12 - Ambassador Caroline Kennedy met with Governor Hirokazu Nakaima in Naha, and she also laid flowers at Okinawa Peace Memorial Park, expressing her hopes to "build a better future for our children and a more peaceful world."

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Regional News

  • 160th anniversary of U.S.-Japan diplomatic relations

    March 31 - On March 31, we commemorate the 160th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Japan. Since the conclusion of the Treaty of Peace and Amity on March 31, 1854 in what is today the city of Yokohama, our nations have enjoyed a remarkable journey together.

  • Ambassador Kennedy Opens Yomiuri’s Season

    March 28 – At the Tokyo Dome, watched by 200 former Yomiuri Giants players and thousands of fans, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy threw out the first pitch of the season. Tom, the U.S. Embassy’s social media ambassador debuted at the game.

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